Testimonials: Shuswap Kids Arts


  • “My son went to Michelle’s art & drama camp for the first time last summer and loved it!! He didn’t want it to end and was crestfallen when he woke up after the last day to learn it was over! His favourite things about it were the hands-on arts and crafts that they did each day, and the acting and creation of the play. In fact for a somewhat shy guy who is a reluctant public speaker at school, he  said that the acting and the play was his favourite part! He’ll be back this summer for sure.”  – Jane Barton


  • “I like how art and drama camp is not really strict and how we can be really creative. In the drama part I like that we can write our own play.– Sara, age 12, free spirit


  • “I loved this camp soooo much because it was really fun and we got to explore different cool ways of doing art. Doing drama helped me overcome my fears of presenting on stage and now I can do it without being scared at all!– Alice, age 10, wise beyond her years


  • “My daughters have attended Michelle’s Art and Drama camps for several years now and it is the first thing they mention when we start discussing summer activities. Having the opportunity to create their own works of drama and presenting them on stage in a “real” theatre have been fun and rewarding experiences for them.” Michael Chubey 


  • “I loved Art & Drama camp!  I did both weeks and I wish it was all summer! I can’t wait to do it again, it’s my favorite summer camp!” – Mya Bickle
  • “I will be registering her again for this year. “ – Joanna Bickle


  • “Both my kids loved the costumes, dressing up, and the unique art projects that allowed them to express their creativity and develop their abilities beyond the avenues provided in school. Michelle is a fun and sensitive leader, and she inspires the kids to do great things both in the art studio and on stage.” Michelle Weisinger


  • “My girls love art and being girls they are all about the drama, so Michelle’s art and drama camp was the perfect combination for them! They ABSOLUTELY loved it!! They didn’t do “crafts”- they learned about art and worked with different products such as clay and watercolours- all in a fun and child-oriented way.  The drama class was wonderful and thoroughly entertaining!! Completely child led and overflowing with creativity straight from their active, imaginative brains.  The show they put on at the end of the week was amazing!! I will definitely be registering my girls in this camp again. They still talk about it.”  Samantha Goldberg


  • “Both of our daughters have attended these camps and loved them— they brought home beautiful pieces of art and gained confidence from performing on stage–Thanks Michelle.”  Julie Parenteau
  • “My daughter first attended Michelle’s summer camp when she was 11 years old. She had the chance to try a variety of art techniques and created many lovely works that she enjoyed making and sharing with us.  Maggie also had the chance to work with other kids her age which was so much fun.  After her first camp she couldn’t wait to sign up for another camp and further develop her abilities and confidence.  Thanks Michelle for creating such a welcoming atmosphere where children can find and develop their inner artist.” Salle Manning